Spetacular landing in Queenstown

A New Zealand pilot has captured an incredibly stunning video of a landing in thick cloud at Queenstown Airport.

landing in queenstown2

The former Jetstar captain posted the bird's eye view clip from the cockpit, showing the incredible sight - or lack thereof - when landing a plane on a runway.

The video shows a clear run through the snow-capped mountains, until he hits cloud cover - which removes his visibility completely.

As he dips beneath the clouds, the captain's visibility turns to white cloud for at least 30 seconds, before he re-emerges from the cover to clear skies ahead of the runway.

Check out the video here : https://youtu.be/7mxmFCw-Dig

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Fantastic Friday

On the 29th of September students prepared postcards to send to their loved ones back home - In English of course :)

Thank you teacher Lucy for helping all the students and for taking them to the post shop.


activity in class2

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Pizza Class

At LSNZ you will learn much more than just English. We will even teach you how to make a traditional Italian Pizza :)

And of course eat them too...

IMG 3819

IMG 3815

IMG 3813

IMG 3812

IMG 3811

 pizza 3

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